Global Fashion and Technology Ecosystem

C2C Fashion and Technology has mapped out a new path for pioneer people with a new technology vision and innovative ideology.
The objective of this organization is to Open the Initiative of the Global Society. We offers your company the ability to become a collaborator of a growing global network of factories, manufacturers, designer and retailers that are looking to move into a more profitable and more productive way of developing business with global technology integration.
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C2C Fashion and Technology is a full service, one stop  consortium for any business with needs for interactive multi media marketing, product development and cloud technology integration.
Our  Goal is to promote and implement radical changes in today's global fashion and technology ecosystem.
C2C main paradigmatic changes affecting fashion is the reshoring of the fashion industry by embracing a sustainable concept and combination of “smart factories” + “smart networks” + “smart products.”
Our Mission is to offer support to individuals, new start ups and existing companies that need guidance and direction in creating business success and realization of dreams. We provide quality expertise in all areas of branding, marketing, business plan development, website build out, optimization, trademarks, legal and much more. We offer competitive and reasonable pricing for a full range of integrated services enabling customers to utilize cutting edge technology and the most current market trends.
C2C Fashion and Technology is bases on the principles of social responsibility and sustainable business practices and is proud to include a community of experienced, skilled and creative talent. We can customize any package of services to meet your unique needs.
We also are looking for great talent in any of the areas mentioned above and welcome new innovative individuals to the collaboration.

C2C Business Builder ERP and CRM 

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C2C fashion and Technology Global Ecosystem is the ultimate solution for managing all business processes efficiently. Our ecosystem will be the key driver for growth in the new global fashion marketplace.
C2C digital technologies will offers a systemic ecosystem approach to production and consumption that will dramatically transform the fashion industry through a unique integration of digital interactive fashion and  technology.
C2C Fashion and Technologies SaaS(Software as a Service) cloud-based solutions will connect all aspects of your businesses from concept to consumption for maximum efficiency and sustainability.
New Services
C2C Business Connect Interactive Digital Marketing is based on the convergence between physical and digital environments to transform the consumer from a passive buyer to an enabled interactive participant.
C2C Business Builder ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform (B2B) connects the production and fulfillment processes for the wholesale business into one software program. Many design and production APIs (Application programming interface) integrated.
C2C Virtual Shop (B2C) utilizes virtual, augmented reality and artificial intelligence to provide customers a personalized avatar life model allowing shoppers to virtually “try on” an article of clothing and have product suggested based on customer like to accessorize an outfit.
Who can use C2C?
 Factories, Manufacturers, Designers, Shipping, Retailers, Sales, Distributors, Affiliates, Credit Departments and  Consumers.
C2C V-Shop is the business to consumer (B2C) eCommerce platform. Built in the latest ASP.NET with HTML5 compatibility and artificial intelligence as a personal shopper. Our focus is smart, lifestyle, and bespoke products.
C2C Digital Transformation
C2C V-Shop offers a unique, fresh and innovative solution to this problem by providing an interactive dressing that allows the shopper to have a personal assistant and to visualize product fit in a real time, easy process. The virtual dressing room is made available on shoppers’ favorite mobile devices, computer, and magic mirror that enables convenient in-store and online virtual try on  and personal shopper and  capabilities. The virtual dressing room platform provides engaging integrations with other retail and social platforms thus providing many new interactive features.
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Market Intelligence
Trend Prediction
Robotics in Clothing Production
Product Customization
Customer Service
Quality Control
Design & Buying
Chain inventory management
AI Personal Assistant 3D Chatbot
Avatar fit for personal shopping
Transparency of the Supply Chain
Intellectual Property
Product Authentication
Real-time Inventory Visibility
Block-chain Factoring and Finance
Block-chain Contracts and Data Sharing
Decentralized and Peer-to-Peer Integration
Block chain is just a set of rules and guidelines for communicating data. It’s an advancement in cryptography that involves creating written or generated codes that allow information to be kept secret makes storing and certifying records easier.

C2C Artificial intelligence and social integrated Affiliate's

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C2C Technology Evolution

The primary drivers for digital transformation are either significant opportunities or existential threats.
C2C will reshape and retool the fashion industry for an era in which traditional boundaries are broken with  disruptive technology in every aspect of business.
The fashion industry is undergoing large-scale changes as a direct result of the rise of technology and its impact on consumer behavior and a Digital transformation that is creating an uncertain and complex consumer environment.
C2Cs big data and artificial intelligent analytics can be used by fashion companies strategically to tailor consumer experience and allow the customer to lead the way to a new experience in fashion.
•1. Including leading-edge artificial intelligent analytics
•2. Augmented technological developments in Digital Marketing
C2Cs clients will be able to understand the customers better, respond to market trends and tailor your sales information and products.
C2Cs  digital networks and interaction is an integrated system of actors, assets and stakeholders where not only supply chains can be real-time in tune with the factory but also retail channels and even products and final customers can communicate and exchange data within the C2C ecosystem.
C2C is Based on the convergence between physical and digital environments to address the shift of  the consumer from a passive buyer to an enabled interactive participant.
C2C Artificial Intelligence can be used by fashion companies strategically to tailor consumer experience and allow the customer to lead the way to a new experience in fashion. We make creating interactive data fast and easy to access and share.
C2C Interactive Digital Marketing will empower the buyer to interact, belong, influence, Informed, and charge the brands from which they buy. The consumers will have the ability to  use our digital channels before, during or after making their purchases.
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